Power Rankings

  • nsw-powerrankings

    New South Wales Surge | 0-0


    NSW lost Shari Onley to a season-ending injury she suffered in her US stint as well as Chloe Butler not to mention Monique Gaxiola. So why is NSW ranked No.1? This roster remains the most athletic in Australia and will be 100% Australian in 2014 with all key players returning and having in the system for nearly 3yrs. Continued development of Barclay at Quarterback will a major factor in their success and 2013 Defensive Player of the Year, Bronte Zeiher leads an impressive group into 2014.

    2013 Offensive Rank No.1 | 2013 Defensive Rank No.2

  • vic-powerrankings

    Victoria Maidens | 0-0


    Over-promised and under-delivered was the motto of the Maiden Voyage in 2013. Often the team would beat itself with RedZone turnovers and miscues. Enter veteran leadership in the form of Yanks from the States. Not just any Yanks, but some of the best in the game, Quarterback KK Matheny instantly provides for a passing game, 2014 USA League MVP Saige Steinmetz the ultimate power running-back who will replace Julez Parker and 2014 Defensive Player of the Year Danika Brace. The loss of Thali Greenwood will impact the defensive secondary, however Mia Clifford has become one of Australia best safeties.

    2013 Offensive Rank No.3 | 2013 Defensive Rank No.4

  • wa-powerrankings

    Western Australia Angels | 0-0


    The feel good-story of the 2013 season, their unlikely journey led them all the way to the Grand Final. They return all key position players and have added a pair of free-agent pick-ups from the US league, running back Tamar Fennell and explosion offensive weapon and a similar style player in Markie Henderson. Quarterback Leah Turnbull now has a plethora of weapons to include Britney Were, Tammie West and Tegan Brown, alongside Fennell and Henderson. The offensive line play will be key as Turnbull was rattled by pressure in 2013. While the offense got most of the pub in 2013, it was WA’s No.1 ranked defense that impressed. However, they have lost US import Adrian Purnell but have an emerging Stephany Lethborg and one of the best athletes in Australia, Tessa Atkinson to anchor a surprisingly good defense.

    2013 Offensive Rank No.2 | 2013 Defensive Rank No.1

  • queensland-powerrankings

    Queensland Brigade | 0-0


    The Brigade marched into the 2014 off-season feeling much better then the start of the season, having won its final two games. Now interim head coaches Mitchell Besse and Regan Webb have been named the Generals of the Brigade and they have recruited some fire-power this off-season in the form of US imports to include Quarterback Sindy Cummings who will instantly make the Brigade offense respectable, Remy Olinzock a standout corner and receiver. It will be interesting to see how the returners will be utilized in 2014, with the new blood across the pond as well as the rookie class. Overall, the team is pacing far better then this time last year.

    2013 Offensive Rank No.4 | 2013 Defensive Rank No.3

  • adelaide-powerrankings

    Adelaide Arsenal | 0-0


    An expansion franchise headed-up by possibly an early season 'Coach of the Year’ candidate Darryl Scaife who has molded a roster of athletes from various sporting backgrounds to one of the fittest and most prepared teams. Do not be surprised if the Arsenal enter 2014 with playing well above their No.5 pre-season ranking. A key player to watch would be Quarterback Lisa Fyfe who has drawn some publicity this off-season with her statuesque Quarterback physique and apparent accurate arm with the ability to scramble.

    2013 Offensive Rank N/A | 2013 Defensive Rank N/A